The Story of Arsuite

“Magic is just a word for all the things that haven’t yet discovered. We don’t speculate on the magic. We create it!”

β€” Alper Akalin


The idea for Arsuite came about in early 2017 after a requested consultation from our founder, Alper AkalΔ±n. This project sought to use Snapchat-like filters on a relatively atomic level. Arsuite was born when Alper saw the magic of Augmented Reality technologies and the greatness they could reach in the future during his research for the project.

Arsuite: Augmented Reality Suite

Many names such as Virtual, Extended, Mixed, and Augmented Reality were trendy during the establishment. However, their primary purpose is to change or interfere with existing reality. So, changing the existing reality or extending it a bit by adding something. We preferred the “Augment” definition within this context since it represents them all most accurately and excellently, in our opinion. Then, we registered the designation “ARSUITE” in England and a few other countries to protect our brand.


Arsuite was built on cloud-native, no code “drag & drop tools, ” dynamic asset loading, and data-driven “engine” principles. We will detail all of these features in different articles. Ultimately, our biggest dream was to create no-code and drag & drop software development platforms. We say it was our dream because we made it true.


In this article, we will only tell the story of the founding of Arsuite. You will be able to figure out the reasons and results of the interesting methods we applied by reading a few pieces that we will publish next.

The Arsuite research and development adventure started with five teams of consisted by 2 or 3 people. The whole team would be created a PoC. The most successful PoC would be the core of the Arsuite Platform. Other PoCs would either be removed entirely, or some good and valuable pieces of them would be used in the platform. However, the platform would be built on only the most successful PoC.


All these teams were focused on two different targets. These five teams were divided into two groups, so they would work on two topics. Actually, five teams would be competed, unaware of each other. The platform would be built on the PoC, which were been successful and reached sufficient performance values.

First Group

  • They should have created a PoC by using existing engines or game engines.

Second Group

  • Two of the second group should have created PoCs by improving existing frameworks.
  • The last team group should have created a PoC from scratch without using ready frameworks or tools.

PoC Results

First Group

  • Two teams brought PoCs to a particular stage very quickly. We even used these PoCs in the first client and investor meetings. πŸ™‚
  • Honestly, these PoC applications were not promising in many ways in the first tests and benchmarks. For that reason, they were never considered to be a part of the platform infrastructure. Even if we were unsuccessful in others, we would definitely shelve the project.

Second Group

  • The first team that built a PoC with a well-known framework failed.
  • The second team created a successful and promising PoC with another framework.
  • The third team created a successful and promising PoC with their coding without using any frameworks.

Of course, we chose the riskiest one and decided to follow the third team PoC and result during the Arsuite Platform research and development stages. 

It’s risky because you want to build your entire project and platform on untested code blocks. 99% of courageous people who say I am a brave developer or investor do not take this risk never.

In fact, you have to face reality before making such a decision. Can something really be created on top of existing things?

Something New

  1. If you have some determination or intention of creating something brand new. You have to build everything “newly” from most bottom to the top. #Thesis
  2. If you try to create something top on old-school methodologies or old technologies. You will not be building something new. You will be updated or upgraded something. #Semi #Positive
  3. If you try to create something top on old-school methodologies or old technologies. Absolutely, you will be failed. No one can create something brand “new” top on old-school methodologies or old technologies. #Negative
  4. You can create something new on top of lessons from old-school methodologies or old technologies’ failures. #Lesson
Don't be afraid; Click animation for AR/XR experience.

The Magic

As the Arsuite team, we think we made the best choice by selecting options 1 and 4 in this list. As a result, we are one of the world’s rare companies with its own engine family. In fact, we have the only complete “cloud-native + no-code” 3D Designer Studio around the globe. That gives our customers and us incredible efficiency in the development processes, as shown in the below diagram.

All Other Platforms Design & Development Flow

All Other Platforms Design & Development Flow

Arsuite Immersive Intelligence Design & Development Flow

Arsuite Immersive Intelligence Design & Development Flow

Arsuite, Architecting Tomorrow’s Immersion, Today!

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