The Metaverse is not new!

The Metaverse is not new. The metaverse has been under our noses the whole time. It needed deep diving. We have to admit it is the future.

  • Metaverse is not NFT.
  • Metaverse is not Web3.
  • Metaverse is not Game.
  • Metaverse is not Avatars.
  • Metaverse is not Showroom.
  • Metaverse is not SocialMedia.

Metaverse + Augmented Reality + Extended Reality will be a robust place, statement and presentation of future people and lifestyles.

— Alper Akalin

Metaverse happens when your digital identity is more valued than your physical/real identity. Meaning it will happen when the economic value of protecting, differentiating and growing your digital identity becomes more important and valued than your physical/real identity. For instance, Instagram personas (influencer accounts) are just the start.

Forget VR for the next five years because of the lack of hardware. And I believe VR is irrelevant for the metaverse at this stage.

Yes, the goal must be Ender’s Game or Ready Player One, but how?

First, we need a brand new approach for (Web-Mobile) + Game Engine + AI infrastructures and solutions. We must solve some complex problems with Web + Game Engine + AI marriage. Yes, these three technologies must have a robust marriage. Then they can give birth to Metaverse, and we will have a brilliant Metaverse. Let us invest in these infrastructures.

The Real Metaverse has intrinsic to do with the following:

  • Distributed Databases
  • Distributed Applications
  • Distributed Content Management Systems — CMS
  • Distributed 3D Renderer; essentially
  • * * a web/mobile browser with game engine-like capabilities or
  • * * a technology/platform running on web browsers with game engine-like capabilities.
  • Digital Ownership, NFTs or similar.
  • Finally, everything must be in the #cloud.

You can not shape or create a real Metaverse with the following:

  • By using/providing/offering Single-Process Applications.
  • By creating small/big applications for each Metaverse, Metaverse Assets, AR or XR scene.
  • By providing or offering #Editor for single-person usage.
  • By forcing download different APPs for each Metaverse.

You may like to read this article. #Arsuite is a completely distributed and cloud-native #Metaverse, AR, XR, VR Builder Platform and Engine.

Arsuite, Architecting Tomorrow’s Immersion, Today!

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